Time is the Most Priceless Possession in Your Life

Too many people spend their time trying to keep up with the Jones’ (well, in this day and age, the Kardashians, hehe) and worrying about owning a mountain of materialistic things.

Gigantic flat screen TVs, high tech cars, and just about every Apple product have taken the world by storm, making people more selfish and careless than ever. Other factors definitely come into play here, but you get where I’m going. People are too busy worrying about what they don’t have instead of how they could be utilizing one of the most important resource we as humans have, which is time.

Life may seem long with possibilities of living 80 years and upwards but the reality is, any of us can be gone at any point in time. We aren’t owed anything. We don’t all get the privilege of living for close to a century and many will go in more horrendous ways than others. The point is, you don’t want to be someone that does grow old and have just as many years of regrets about not living the way you really wanted to.

This was all put into a great deal of perspective for me when my dad passed away on April 30, 2014 at the age of 54 from a highly unexpected massive heart attack. BOOM, dead and gone within seconds without even a hint of suffering. My dad was full of life and lived each day like it were his last which was one the single most important things I could have ever learned from him. He was a strong believer in God and exuberated a great deal of faith yet he still passed at an early age. Now almost a year later I have fully grasped the idea that nobody is exempt from escaping death and because of this it’s excruciatingly important to utilize your time to the fullest.

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It’s easy to say each day that you will do something but then put it off until tomorrow. Suddenly it’s weeks, months, or even years later and you have still failed to make any progress. Well I’m here to tell you from experience that tomorrow may never come. Do you really want to be someone laying on their death bed full of sorrow and regret?

The best suggestion I can give is to think about that the next time you put off doing something. Better yet, visualize yourself in that position to get a deeper idea of the feelings you would potentially experience. I’ve used this time and time again when putting my goals off and it’s propelled me back into reality each time.

This all may seem a little sad and or weird but I drastically want to emphasize the value of time. When you’re young it feels like you have forever to live but in reality, it’s not all that long. Time will pass you by before you know it, so treat it wisely and with more respect.

The good news is that this can be a good reminder to people of all ages and hopefully a kick square in the pants. It’s never too late to start doing the things you love or to become the person that you really want to be. Whether you believe it or not, you truly can have whatever you want in life and be whatever you want to be.

Now go out there and take control of your life before it continues to control you.

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