Successful People Start Before They Feel Ready

While it may seem like many successful people are family members of Superman, I can assure you they are not. They do however, have one way of thinking that makes them seem superhuman which is: they start before they feel ready.

In other words, when they want to accomplish a goal in life, they take action in place of anything – and mostly everything – else.

They don’t waste time worrying about what could possibly happen. They don’t grab for more information. Instead, they take action and use their experience to propel them forward. And this is what usually gets them further, faster.

Sure, it sounds much easier said than done. And it is.

It takes practice, patience and persistence to tell the little voice inside your hear to quiet down, while also telling fear, anxiety and worry to ‘get lost’ along the way. But it’s more than worth it and in many cases, your success will depend on it.

The long-winded point is that you may never feel 100 percent ready. You can put things off for tomorrow all you want to but in many cases, tomorrow will never come. You have to start before you feel ready.

That means focusing on the end goal instead of the journey it takes to get there. When you do this and constantly remind yourself of the reward that awaits, it gets easier. This takes your focus of the discomfort of the moment and puts it on what you really want. Stop focusing on what you don’t want [to do] and instead, what you do want in life. Where focus goes, energy flows. 

My Related Experience

I spent years thinking about building a business online and hardly ever doing anything to make it happen.

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In that time, I saw many, many, many (did I mention MANY) other people in the online space doing what I wanted to do, but always watched from the sidelines because I never tried hard enough to push past my limiting beliefs and negative self-image. This led to more broken dreams, anger and frustration than you could imagine.

Fast forward almost 5 years and I finally snapped out of it. What changed – aside from a lot of self-improvement and personal growth – was my will to finally focus on the end-game instead of how uncomfortable I was getting there.

From there, my process became about replacing my old habits with new ones, which was done by starting before I felt ready. Many days I was tired, didn’t feel like myself or just plain didn’t feel like working towards my goals. But I got started each day in in the process, and saw significantly greater results just from getting started – before I felt ready.

As I stated earlier on, your ‘tomorrow’ may never come. If you don’t start at some point, will you ever start at all?


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