Perfectionism: The Pain That Prolongs Progress

To put it bluntly, perfectionism is a pain in the ass that puts a strain on progress.

When you’re trying to make things happen in life but can’t seem to move forward because you’re trying to do things a certain way, the results can leave you frustrated, disappointed and even ready to give up altogether.

So how do you treat this pain that prevents you from ever reaching what you’re stretching for?

Well, allow me to make some suggestions that worked well for me. I used to let perfectionism take control when trying to reach any goal I was working on and it always kept me stuck. Then I came across two sets of words that I decided to make my mantra each time I felt the perfectionism creeping in:

1.) Done is better than perfect.

2.) Seek progress, not perfectionism.

What a change in perception.

Of course it was difficult at first, but at some point I had to realize that I could either continue to be stuck in the strong grip I allowed perfection to have on me, or move cement these mantras into my brain until I started to get stuff done. And whadya know? It worked. 

Blog posts became finished the same day I started them, and I was able to start promoting myself and my business without feeling as though I had to make each piece of material I created perfect.

It’s unreasonable to expect yourself to give your 100 percent best to every single thing you work on because you only have a limited amount of energy in the first place. Trying to make things absolutely perfect does nothing but make you more overwhelmed, frustrated and even confused, which only wastes more energy and reduces the likelihood of completing what you’re working on.

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So the next time you find yourself slowing down on a task due to perfectionism, switch your focus to task completion instead of how cool you could make it.

Remember, done is always better than perfect.


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