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Ramble #1: Building Your Own Dreams Vs. Someone Else’s

So far, Recent Rambles has been a site about business, marketing, psychology and overall success. I study these things on a daily basis, so I’ve got a large list of topics to cover on those subjects over time. In the meantime though, I haven’t been able to resist rambling a bit on these subjects – but why?

In short, I’m passionate.

I live and breathe this stuff because it helps me build my business, not to mention expand my mindset to new levels. If you haven’t heard, knowledge is the key to getting far in life. And why hoard all of the knowledge I frequently absorb when I can share it on blogs like this one?

Anyways, if I can build my own dream and work for myself, anyone can – and it makes me frustrated that people were never taught that they could truly do this. Certainly not within the U.S educational system anyways…

We’re taught to go to school, graduate, go to college and get a degree, and then just like that we can have the job of our choice. In reality, that’s not how things are working out these days.

The even bigger issue is that in having a job – no matter what kind of job it is – time is being spent building other people’s dreams instead of our own, and then told what they are worth while doing so. Job security is non-existent, and average job positions can easily be replaced.

Folks, this is not a system set-up for the average person to have success.

If you want true freedom, the best way, if not only way, is to work for yourself.

You determine your worth, how much money you make, and have total control over the time and decisions in your life.

We are literally in the golden age of the internet and in a time where anybody can start a business online and make enough income to quit their job, or heck, even enough just to comfortably get by.  Continue reading “Ramble #1: Building Your Own Dreams Vs. Someone Else’s”