Can Just Anybody Start a Business?

Millions of people each year dream of starting a business of their own. Some make it happen successfully, some get halfway there, and others either fail quickly or fail to even make an attempt at all.

Sure the idea of starting your own business sounds wonderful compared to building somebody else’s dreams by working for them, but it certainly takes a lot of know-how and hard work. These two things alone can be hard to come by if you’re someone with a family, full-time career and a list of other  responsibilities, but it is still possible.

As someone that took over four years to truly figure out what it takes to build a business, I now know a thing or two about what it takes. And now I want to pass on a little bit of information about what the process took to endure and how you can apply it to your life too.

#1: Set Goals, But Tailor Them To YOUR Life

Setting goals and going after them sounds like common sense sure. That’s nice and everything but if you don’t set goals that are specific to your life then you are most likely going to fail.

There’s a general range of tips people will give like stay consistent, write down your goals and go after  them each day until you’ve reached the summit. Those ARE true, but matter none if the other parts of your goal aren’t tailored to your life, current situation, knowledge base and past experiences to name a few.

What I’m saying is that you can get advice from a million successful people, but if you don’t make it fit your individuality then you may not get the results that you anticipated. 

#2: Show Up

This also sounds like common sense, but it’s something that I didn’t commit to for some time. You have to show up every day during the beginning stages of becoming an entrepreneur. Letting one or two days slip out from under you can make or break your momentum, which can be hard to motivate yourself to find again each time you take off.

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Showing up may seem like a small idea but it is truly huge when you are working towards a goal. Until I began showing up every [work] day, I never got my momentum ball rolling up the hill for more than a little bit at a time.

#3: Fear No Competition

If you only make the competition yourself, you never have to stress out and worry about being the best above the rest. At that point it’s not even a matter of trying because the only competition you have is yourself.

When you put your focus on being so good that people can’t ignore you instead of how you’re going to be better than others in your field, you can put more focus where it matters, which is on accomplishing your goals.

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