3 Timeless Secrets to Success

When most people hear the word ‘success’ they usually think of money and status, myself once included.

Sure these things sound great, but they don’t just come out of nowhere. As cheesy as it sounds, success on any subject takes a ton of hard word and dedication, on top of consistency, persistence and patience which is where most make the decision to give up. Success is hard, but that can be a good thing. If it weren’t then everyone would be successful and things would be even harder than they can be now.

I have been studying success for five years now and in all of the courses and products I’ve bought, books read, and seminars traveled to, my collection has grown to the hefty size that it is today; but that has also come with five years of experiences, mistakes and failures along the way.

To kick off Recent Rambles to a giant start, I thought it would be beneficial to share the biggest three secrets that have stayed consistent throughout all of my endeavors.

Important Success Secrets

#1. Skills Pay the Bills

Money is typically traded for something else of equal or proportionate value, am I right? Well the same thing applies when you are trying to start your own business or be successful within the company you are working out currently.

Skills are weapons in this economy and the better you hone yours, the better you will be paid and the more in demand you will be.

#2. Patience Pays

It it’s worth it, it takes time. Again, if success didn’t take hard work than everyone would consider themselves that way. 

No matter what you are striving for, it will take some time while you learn the proper skills, hone them daily and put in all the other work that you need to do. It can get tiring and frustrated while ‘waiting’ to start seeing change or results, but with enough patience you will get what you deserve.

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#3. Consistency Kills

You can get started down one of the many paths to success but if you don’t consistently move forward down one, then you may never get there; or at least you might get there a lot later than you may have wanted.

One of the most important things I ever learned about success was consistency, and that you need to show-up every day if you want to move forward. When you stop, slow down your pace or even take multiple days off, you break any momentum you have built – or can reduce it greatly – by getting out of the swing of things.

Final Word

So there you go – my three timeless success principles that have guided me for years.

There are hundreds if not now thousands of books, blog posts and articles on the subject of success. Some have great ideas, some are only rehashed jargon. The point is that in all of my studying on the subject, these have proven time and time again to hold the most true – and get me the most results. 😉


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