Month: August 2016

Change IS Good

Despite what many people think, change is actually a good thing.

Our world has changed over centuries, has continued to do it to this day, and will continue to do it until the end of time. In essence, shouldn’t that mean that if change is constant then shouldn’t we adapt to changing with it?

If you aren’t growing then you’re dying inside. And if you aren’t growing then you simply aren’t open to changing. In an amazing book I finished today I adopted a quote that will forever stick in my brain that reads: “If you do not change, you can become extinct.” Therefore, without change one cannot continue to grow.

If you let the fear of change or refusal to acknowledge it continuously interrupt the natural process of change in your life, then you will always stay in the same place. You will always get the same results by always applying the same actions. Kind of a scary thought isn’t it? To grow old and be regretful of the many things you let fear stop you from doing could be devastating.

Typically, the fear of change is always much larger than it should be due the irrational appearance your mind creates of it when you repeatedly revisit the concept of it. No matter how scary something is, the actual truth is that things are never scarier than we imagine them to be and fear is created from just that-your imagination. The thought of what would happen if we don’t take on these fears is much scarier than the process of overcoming the actual fear itself.  Continue reading “Change IS Good”

Motivation For Success From Steve Jobs That Can Change Your Life

We can all learn a lesson about success from the late Steve Jobs. The things he did with Apple and Pixar revolutionized the world as we know it and without these wonderful creations, things would certainly not be the same.

These were massive successes that required a lot of hard work and a hulk like mentality, and overcoming other adversities that almost no other person would be willing to face. This is the exact point I wanted to make here today.

The old saying may be cliche and like a fairy tale myth to most people-“Whatever you can believe you can achieve.” Steve Jobs is a shining example of this.

Most people are so comfortable with what they have and uninspired to reach unfound levels of success in their lives that even the thought of a little hard work hurts their head or ego. Then then go on to complain about the things they don’t have and never will because they’re too unlikely to strike it rich.

This kind of mentality will kill your dreams and goals from the start, leaving you to fester in your own sea of negativity and limiting beliefs.

The commencement speech in the video below is information that every student should have a chance to hear. These are life-changing words that if more people heard then maybe our economy wouldn’t be as devastating as it is today. More people would be more inspired to recognize their dreams and turn them into a reality.

Continue reading “Motivation For Success From Steve Jobs That Can Change Your Life”

Most Things, If Not Everything, Happens for a Reason

Some of you may think this will sound like a bunch of hocus pocus or witchery but one of the most important things I have learned in my life is that everything happens for a reason.

Whether you believe in God, law of attraction, etc, have you considered that one or all of these could be responsible for the events that transpire in your life? Some people believe God has a plan for them while others believe that you attract what you put out into the Universe. I believe in both.

I used to be a very negative person with a pessimistic outlook on life. I complained often and had taken on the role of a victim. I wondered why everything bad happened to me and what I had done to deserve bad things happening to me.

I had no idea I was like this at the time and didn’t realize it until years later after I had severely worked on my personal growth and development. I read many books and listened to positive audios on a daily basis. I began to learn every day, which resulted in more positive thoughts, and my brain functioning at a higher frequency. I began to see the good in every situation which gave me peace of mind and allowed me to enter a new plane of spirituality.  Continue reading “Most Things, If Not Everything, Happens for a Reason”