Month: July 2016

Consistency – One of the Top Traits of Wealthy People

If there’s one thing that wealthy people have in common, it’s the ability to be consistent with their goals whether they are related to business, health, etc.

These folks set goals for themselves and stay consistent with daily action until they achieve their desired results. They don’t make excuses, and certainly don’t allow anything to get in the way. There are days when the last thing they want to do is to take action, but they do anyways.

These are the kind of people I have been placing myself around for the last year, and it’s paid off significantly. I’m wealthy in the areas of health, finance, love and happiness, and it’s all thanks to the people I was around on a daily basis. When my mindset changed and I adopted the traits of highly successful people, my life drastically changed for the better.

Before that, I often struggled with consistency. I would make a goal for myself and then start, stop, start stop. The pattern would repeat over and over again and leave me feeling frustrated as hell. But when I changed my belief system, and rewired my brain to believe that I HAD to be consistent like my life depended on it if I finally wanted to reach my goals, my whole world changed. And it never would have happened if I hadn’t finally committed to consistency.  Continue reading “Consistency – One of the Top Traits of Wealthy People”